Meetings of the Town Council are held on the third Monday of each month with a recess in August and December. Meetings of the Town Council are now multi location offering in person attendance at the Twyn Community Centre or remote access.

Meetings normally start at 6.30pm.

Hybrid meetings were introduced in February 2022. Hybrid means multi location offering the opportunity to attend the meeting in person at the Twyn Community Centre or remotely via the internet. For anyone attending in person they will need to observe any Covid 19 precautions in force at the time.  To join the meeting remotely you will need to contact the Town Clerk by email: This is best done in advance of the meeting date in order that an invite link can be issued.

Any member of the public wishing to attend and speak on any item on the agenda (those parts of the meeting which are open to the public) should advise the Town Clerk in advance of the meeting so the Town Mayor or other person presiding at the meeting can be advised. Note a time limit will be imposed of 5 minutes but may be extended at the discretion of the person chairing the meeting.

The next scheduled meeting of the Town Council is 16 October 2023.

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