Message from the Mayor

I am pleased to have been re elected to Caerphilly Town Council and honoured to serve as the Town Mayor for 2022/23. I am very much hoping that the life of the town will be able to return to normal after a very difficult couple of years and that it will now be possible to attend events and functions. My charities for the year will be Latch and Shining Stars. Over the years the Town Council Mayors have raised over £45,000 for local charities. The main fund raising event is the street collection at the annual fireworks display at Caerphilly Castle. Keep an eye on the website for news whether this event will go ahead in 2022 as major works are currently underway at the Castle which unfortunately impact on the launch site.

There are many different groups in the town – young, elderly, disabled, social and sports, special interest and hobby – all with differing needs. I will be happy to receive any suggestions you would like to make about the work of the Town Council, or information that you would like to see on the website.

The Town Council meets monthly (except August and December) and members of the public are always welcome to attend. Town Council meetings are now multi location meaning you can attend remotely via the internet or in person at the Twyn Community Centre.   If there is a particular matter on the agenda on which you wish to speak this can be arranged by giving notice to the Town Clerk. You will also need to contact the Town Clerk a few days before a meeting to get the remote access invitation link.

If you would like me to attend your organisation to mark a special occasion or perform a presentation please contact the Town Clerk. You can use the Contact Enquiry Form to send your invitation.

The pandemic has had far reaching impacts on shops, businesses, families and individuals, schools and education, leisure, sport and community activities in the town. My thoughts are with all those who have lost family members through the virus. I recognise the tremendous community efforts across the town to support the vulnerable and most in need and sadly the cost of living will be a continuing crisis for many families.

Mike Prew